All About Our Soon-to-Be Home


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I forgot to give credit for the photos I posted of the tipis, they are from the Colorado Yurt Company website.  That is an excellent company with an excellent website, but for the sake of shipping and to support Canadian business, we've decided on Arrow Tipi, which is located here in British Columbia.  We are going to pay for delivery so that these nice people will come help us set it up for the first time.  Since we are going to be spending the winter in it we estimate that setup must be one of the most important aspects of living in a tipi.

This company is also very nice because the price includes a door, pegs, pins, rope and even pitching widgets, which are an ingenious invention that connects your first three supporting poles with these rotating metal rings so that you don't have to mess with ropes and knots holding everything together.  We will also be getting a liner package, which includes the liner, ozan and rope.  What else is great about this company is that they will change some of the features for the usage, such as raising the door for use in snow.  The total cost will be about $3000 plus tax.

We are reconsidering the original idea of later also getting a 30' tipi for our land, because the 18' tipi will do what we need for quite a long time, so we might as well build ourselves a little house.  It is cold over there.

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