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Before I get into the grand plan of what is going to happen to my family this winter which will lead to our renunciation of electricity, the first step is to discuss portable, affordable housing. The reason for this is that we plan to live in our portable house before we get to the land, and then take our house with us. The options are interesting:

Ebay Travel Trailer from the 70's: This is the easiest option. For about $1000 you can get a 12-16' pulling travel trailer in the US or Canada, and haul it with most vehicles with a tow hitch. It will sleep 4-5. It may not have a toilet or shower, which means you'd have to find access to an outhouse and take Japanese baths or campground showers. You can get heat by installing a marine stove like these adorable little Navigator stoves. The drawback is that at that price, it's probably a fixer-upper.

The Tipi: This is my favorite. For under $2000 you can get an 18' tipi and poles from any number of companies (here is a huge list of them), weatherproofed for winter camping. What's nice is that the fire can go inside when you camp, or you can put a small woodstove in them like these reasonably priced tent stoves. You won't have the maintenance problems with this option, but it is definitely colder in the winter, and you don't have running water or propane lights. There's more room than a camper, as it will sleep 6-8 people.

That's all I have at the moment.

Note to self:
Reread two of my favorites, The Education of Little Tree and My Side of the Mountain (by Jean George).

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whatever you decide to do...promise me one thing...DON'T GET RID OF FOAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!


I have to tell you something.... we .... we don't... we don't have foamie anymore.