Where did Deliberate Life go?


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It's been a difficult summer and I am not going to post about my personal life. Like Zorba the Greek, "I am the catastrophe." Suffice it to say that events both within and beyond our control have forced my family to take an extreme look at our own lives and truly 'suck out the marrow' and live deliberately.

The old website is on backup right now, and I will be taking those old articles and posting them here for easy reference, as well as ongoing updates on my quest to live deliberately which will finally happen this year. It will be a somewhat gradual process to moving into the wilderness which I hope will happen by next spring if all goes well. This is now a journal documenting that process.

The Deliberate Life book is still available via Lulu.com, Amazon and Barnes & Noble among other places. I will be giving up electricity within a couple of months, so please return to see how our adventure continues.

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Yeah! I am glad you are back!!! :) That answers my email. :)

Thanks for the motivation! :)