Bright vs. Gifted


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Comparison of Bright vs Gifted

Bright Child Gifted Child
Knows the answers. Asks the questions.
Interested. Extremely curious.
Pays attention. Gets involved physically and mentally.
Works hard. Plays around, still gets good test scores.
Answers questions. Questions the answers.
Enjoys same-age children. Prefers adults or older peers.
Good at memorization. Good at guessing.
Learns easily. Bored. Already knew the answers.
Listens well. Shows strong feelings and opinions.
Self-satisfied. Highly critical of self (perfectionistic).

Source: Janice Szabos as quoted in "The Gifted and Talented Child," Maryland Council for Gifted & Talented Children, Inc. P.O. Box 12221, Silver Spring, MD 20908

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