I Saw a Renoir In Person Today


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I am an artist.  I paint, I draw, I've worked professionally as an artist for many years and gave it up for a while because it takes (a)spare time in which you don't care about making money and (b)an emotional state in which you can empty your mind and give creatively to a project.

I love the Old Master's art, and I love modern art.  I'm not one of those artists that looks at other people's art and says, "Oh I could do that better..." unless I really could, or if the artist sold out in order to mass produce a style to make a buck. I appreciate good creative effot. Old Masters are immune to selling out.  They invented new forms of painting and style, especially the Impressionists.  

Today I had the privilege of cleaning a gorgeous home, and while it was an amazing house and all of that, what was incredible was the art collection.  Original Andy Warhols, crazy sculptures and paintings of modern artists that could be in a museum, and an original Renoir sitting on a table.  It was a tiny painting, in a gold painted wood frame, of a landscape.  I only got a glimpse because you're really not supposed to stop and stare at the famous art when you are cleaning.  

It's funny, the people who owned the house could have been equally amazing... obviously they've achieved so much.  But who gets an opportunity to see an original Old Master in person, and gets paid for it? lol

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