Living History... or a Way to Live Deliberately


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I have a real fascination with living history, especially people who 'do living history' full time.  There is such a thing as a living history farm or museum, in which paid reenactors demonstrate history by living it 9-5, and then go home to their modern home at night.  Or maybe they were on a reality television show like 1900 House.  But what if it didn't end?  That's why I'm such a fan of Tasha Tudor, and the Amish, among other groups.  I found a few videos on YouTube of people who have made it a lifestyle:

Part of a documentary about Tasha Tudor. The video is in Japanese but if you wait Tasha starts talking and it gets interesting.

This couple just loves the Roaring 20's:

Here is some video of Mennonites who live in Belize:

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