Totally Scored on Curriculum


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I bought all my homeschool "curriculum" type books today, via Powells.  I couldn't believe it, but I found a classic KONOS Volume 1 on there for $30.  When used they are still around $50, and new they go for at least $100, I feel like I got a great deal.  There was only one copy, so sorry anyone else, I got it.  

I also got the other three books I talked about yesterday all at great prices, good enough to make the $20 of shipping to Canada worthwhile.  They have a whole homeschooling section in their stores and their website.

There is not much that gives me a bigger thrill than buying a book, but buying a used book of something that I really wanted is just a huge adrenaline rush for me.  Just being in a library is like being a kid in a candy store, and the epitome of that experience for me was being a kid and going to Powell's books in Portland.  It is so huge, and I found so many things that I wanted and I just never saw anywhere else.  Not to mention they have the best customer service around.  I think that at 12 years old, going there was better than our trip to Disneyland.  At least it stuck in my mind more.  lol

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