Traumatic Birth Syndrome


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I have been researching the possible medical symptoms of traumatic birth, especially the use of the vacuum suction (which is what happened with Annie).  Surprisingly, I learned that many of the symptoms in children who have been through this type of birth have been reversed by chiropractors by simply repairing damage to the spine caused by doctors pulling on a baby's head.  Pulling just puts too much pressure on an infant's spine.  Reading about it all made me sick, but this Montana chiropractic center had a nice evaluator for children (read the description and then click the link at the bottom of the page) and gave me some hope that perhaps her behavior has a solution:

It makes sense to me, because often Annie sleeps in a very distorted position with her head thrown back and back curved as far as possible, and she has a hard time sitting on a hard surfaces, and sometimes she walks funny, on tip-toes for very long stretches of time.  I did the evaluator and one of her shoulders DOES sit higher than the other when she is in a relaxed standing position.

One of the links below has a list of 'symptoms' of this kind of injury, and Annie had so-called colic, she has more allergies, she is always incredibly irritable (she is angry more times than she is happy), she has a hard time sleeping and gets nightmares and even night terrors.  What a relief it would be if all of this had a reason.  I don't like to blame my own parenting troubles on outside causes, but sometimes it's important to double check these things.  And it can't hurt. :)


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