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This week was a busy errand week, with the kids running around helping us with shopping, getting a new phone, etc. So I suppose in that way that had to help us do grown-up things and with some work that we did.

They both played on SesameStreet.org which has a new design that is much easier for little kids to maneuver and figure out, as well as classic Sesame Street clips that play in a 'player'. It's my favorite kid's site since the games are all focused around categorizing, life skills, numbers and letters.

Annie made scrambled eggs for us again, with rice milk this time and they tasted great.

Today we took apart a cell phone and looked at all the parts and they connect together. Our favorite part was the buttons, which are fun to play with since they are really just a single rubber form on top of a little electronic connection board.

They played Sounds of the Seashore, from the Cranium people, which wasn't working and Annie figured out why and fixed it, and then taught her sister how to work it.

I had a bit of a homeschooling panic attack this week, realizing that I was unschooling and had absolutely nothing 'planned' for the year. Last year we did a structured preschool for about half the year, where I planned every day and recorded it all. When I get KONOS we are going to focus on the character traits and do what we are interested in. It's still really hard to let go though, and trust the learning process. I should know better too, because I've done it and been that child.

The only things I did this week to get ready for school (besides make my list) was to organize the house and clean up so that we have a kind of learning-conducive room with an art corner with a drop cloth, and make a notebook in Pages to put our family mission statement, a daily routine and other notes for myself.

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How creative you are. It is neat how you can take everyday experiences and make them learning opportunities!