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I was going to continue my post from earlier about Zen and parenting, and add a bit about my own Christian philosophy mixed in.  Then we got busy and I had this terrible, terrible craving for meat which needed to be taken care of.

So now I've been thinking about this, and it occurs to me that many followers of Jesus would wonder how Zen, Taoism and even the Continuum Concept could be compatible, or healthy.  I tried to look up 'Christian meditation' and found many articles that said that meditation is dangerous and Christians should run away fast.  I get the feeling that many religious people shy away from something that looks to pagans and primitive tribes for inspiration, or from people like Buddhists who are simply atheists or deists.

However, meditation is a very old Christian concept.  I don't really like calling myself a Christian, but simply a follower of Jesus which is what his followers were called when he walked the earth.  I don't like to connect myself to the darker sides of Christianity (like witch burning, for example, since sometimes I feel very close to being a kitchen witch, but that's another post for another day).

But, I think many Christians would understand using the word pondering rather than meditating.  What I do during my meditation is I learn to empty my mind and focus my breathing, just like Buddhists do... but rather than trying to reach nirvana and having no-mind, there is a purpose to each meditation.  Once I reach a space in my mind which is clear of clutter and relaxed, and if I haven't fallen asleep, I will ponder something I need to internalize.  For example, if there is someone in my life who is really bothering me, I will peer into their childhood and put myself in their shoes.  If it is a time I need to go to God in prayer, I will have a conversation and pour out my heart.  When I find the time, it is based on my reading of the Bible.  I have read the Bible through several times, and it is like an old friend now.  Once you read it enough, you begin to identify with and be able to imagine having conversations with people like Ruth, or Anna.  Not in a weird way, but as a way of pondering and meditating on the lessons involved.

In the past, I have tried not to post about religion on my site.  I have always gone through searching and reevaluating and I felt like my spirituality was too immature to say anything about.  When I search out a topic, I exhaust it until I know as much as I can know without actually having a college degree, because my favorite hobby is research.  I love to research.  I can tell you the little idiosyncrasies of the Amish, and explain the monotheistic concept behind Hindu gods.

But we have been through the ringer and when you are absolutely forced to make your heart right with God, things become very clear.  Even though I love all the good from all religions and all spiritualities, it's important to find balance.  Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.  I feel that Christians who constantly live in fear of the dark side are the ones who are really in danger.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. - John 14:27

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Have you read Bruce Demarest's "Satisfy your Soul?" I'm reading it and think it's pretty relevant to everything you just wrote!

Thanks for the book recommendation! I haven't read it but looks fascinating. :)

Our church (an Anglican one, but on the progressive end) actually hosts Christian meditation once or twice a week. So it isn't everyone who runs away from it.