Free Date Idea... Lipsyncing!


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Last night our free date was really fun.  We found a very dramatic song (in our case, it was Don't Give Up by Josh Groban), put the lyrics on the screen, and used Apple Photobooth to film ourselves lipsyncing to it.  

Now if you are not fortunate enough to have an Apple (you poor, poor soul), any digital camera should be able to do the same thing.  It's deceptively difficult to make it look like you are are really singing, and my husband was much better at it than me.  I think one of the tricks is to know the timing of the song, know the lyrics, and pick a song with very distinct words (pop songs work well).

You can learn sweet skills from this classic video:

I am not posting our video, lol.

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I've seen those guys before. They're sooo funny. Cute, but funny.