My Little Note About Deliberate Living and the Economy


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I just read that Merrill Lynch was 'bought' by Bank of America at the risk of its complete failure.  I also read today that of all the world's countries, America has the largest deficit.  It's a whopping $700 billion +.

The advice to go out and shop to help the economy is not a good idea, unless you are using your own money.  There is just so much debt that now the banks can't even handle it.  Most of Merrill Lynch's problem was in foreclosed mortgages.  Most of people who can't pay their mortgage are already in debt over their heads and they aren't making enough money.  Possibly they lose jobs to foreign workers.  

I just have to say, that for everyone's sakes, get out of debt, and live simply.  It has come to the point now that everyone is in one giant hole together, and your spending effects everyone.  Part of sustainability is a sustainable economy, and it cannot be sustainable while dependent on debt and foreign workers, foreign oil, and foreign products.

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