Not Just Violence...Even Meanness in Movies is Bad


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We all know that violence in movies is probably not a good thing. I'm not talking about lions eating antelope, real world nature stuff.  I'm talking about abstract, human violence, the senseless kind that humans created.  We know that watching those things can have an adverse affect on our personalities. But, a researcher did a study in England recently that shows that just watching mean people can be just as bad.  There were three groups of people, a Kill Bill group (very violent), a Mean Girls group (very mean) and a group that saw the calm seance scene from What Lies Beneath.  Then they were told that they were playing a game with someone online and the loser would get a loud blast of noise, and they could set the volume of it.  The ones that saw Kill Bill and Mean Girls both turned the volume up much higher than the ones seeing the calm movie.

The researcher points out that mean behavior is much more common than violence in our television shows and movies.  Every movie and television show that I can think of shows mean behavior as being funny.  And it is proven to make people more aggressive.  I think in a way, maybe our culture values aggression.  

What's funny is that I got a book on autism from the library and it had a list of recommended movies to help autistic children recognize the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.  One of the movies they listed was Mean Girls, and as soon as I read that I had shut the book because I was no longer interested in what it had to say, lol.

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I was watching TV the other day and wondered when it became ok to cuss on tv. I have heard pissed, ass, damn and all kinds of other words that you didn't used to hear.

yeah language is getting abusive

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