Practicing Zen for Parents


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I have been practicing meditation for many years, although its not something I really talk about with people.  There is not a large Buddhist community here, and I wouldn't really say I'm a Buddhist.  Just like our eclectic homeschooling approach, our approach to spirituality is very eclectic as well.   I also wouldn't say I have a great routine, and it goes up and down but I can say now that my meditation practice has really benefited me and helps me to internalize things I want to change about myself, and the way I feel about things that are happening around me.  I think my way is more of a Zen approach.  For a quick introduction to Zen, check out this site:

I have read many books on Buddhism, not having my own guru to learn from, but I highly recommend these:

I would also recommend The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet, and the Tao te Ching translated by Feng.

I think what's so great about learning the basics of these philosophies and internalizing their principles so that they become habit is that not only does your life become less stressful, all of the Continuum Concept, unschooling, non-coercive parenting strategies fall into place naturally all on their own.  It is a gradual process to learn to not react in anger when a child rips up a book (one of my pet peeves)... it is ingrained in us in our culture to protect physical objects over the emotional well-being of our children.  I know that I don't want to react, but I do.  Practicing meditiaton evens me out and gives me the practice in controlling my thoughts and breathing so that anger does not appear.

Really, I wish it was that simple, but with practice it is getting better. :)

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