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We're in the process of signing up for SPUD!, an organic delivery service.  I've actually been looking for one of these for a while and I've been lucky enough to find one here that is probably the premium of organic delivery services.  The way it works is this... you set a certain budget for your fruit and veggie box (our family is about $30).  You do a little thing where you rate the things you like, and you decide whether you want them to try to get local foods over shipped in ones.  It saves your preferences, and then it will automatically deliver it to your property at the interval you desire (once a week, twice a month, etc.).  You don't have to be home, and you can have them deliver it how you like ("Stick it in the green bin on the back porch!").  

You can also order other stuff to come with your fruit and veggie box, just about any organic product you can think of.  Each product tells where it is from, and as many as possible are from within 100 miles.  As far as I can tell, the prices are on par with any grocery store, and here on the Island if you order over $50 the delivery is free.  I'm not sure if this is offered elsewhere, but since it tells you how far away everything comes form to get to their warehouse, if you can keep the average under a certain number of kilometers, you get entered into a drawing every week for a free meal.

They offer two payment options, credit card or automatic withdrawal from checking but if you choose the second they need a credit card number just in case your withdrawal fails.  That was somewhat disappointing since we don't believe in having credit cards, but we might borrow someone's since it doesn't charge it.  They carry all kinds of products including soaps and locally made household products and baby items.  Spud is available in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, and in Canada in Mainland BC,  Greater Victoria and parts of Vancouver Island, and Calgary.

So far they've had great customer service and gave me a call to confirm my delivery address.  Once I make an order I'll let you know how it goes. Here's to no more shopping!  Except... today we went out and bought The Settlers of Catan and we're going to play it tonight.  :)  

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I wish we had that here!

Spud is a really cool service! If you live in Texas there is a similar service called Greenling Organic Delivery. It works they same way. Take care.