7 Natural Strategies for Morning Sickness (and other problems)


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Isn't it lovely that no on really knows why women get morning sickness?  It's week 11 and as usual for me, it's starting to wind down a little bit. I usually get morning sickness for most of the day, usually worse in the evening, although this time it seemed a little bit worse.  But I usually do pretty well, only throwing up a couple of times, even though I have a family history of Very Bad Morning Sickness (I'm talking morning, noon, and night, before and after eating puking).  So I feel lucky, but I also feel like my strategies really help.

#1. Eat something dry and salty constantly.  I loved Saltines (although one time I accidently bought a big box of unsalted kind and it did nothing!) and Triscuits.  When I say constantly... if you are awake, you are eating a cracker.  Even if you had to wake up to roll over in the middle of the night.

#2.  Eat what you crave, unless it is crayons.  I believe that you can significantly increase your well-being and health during pregnancy by being in tune with your body (big surprise there, eh?), and cravings are no exception.  I think that food cravings are telling you something you need.  If you are craving a Big Mac, you need protein.  If you crave donuts, you need fat.  If the fat cravings continue, try avocado.  If you are in the middle of eating something and it suddenly starts making you feel sick, stop eating it.

#3. Three natural remedies actually decreased the nausea... ginger, peppermint and licorice.  You can drink 7-Up or Sprite for the carbonation, and Ginger Ale actually does contain a bit of ginger which can help.  But even better is to get some ginger root from the grocery store, chop off about 5-10 thin discs and boil them for a few minutes.  Drink the tea with a bit of honey.  If you need a very quick fix, you can buy a European licorice candy, which contains some real licorice oil.  Licorice is incredibly powerful, so I wouldn't eat more than one or two of these a day, because it can give you cramps and make you retain water even more, but in low amounts will help with headaches, fatigue, stomach acid and nausea.  I could have made a nice tea with peppermint, but another quick fix was Ricola natural organic cough drops.  These contain real peppermint, honey, ginger and other nice ingredients and made me feel better.

#4.  Drink LOTS of water.  I have a big stainless steel water bottle (and I knit a nice sock for it to keep it even colder) and I try to drink the whole thing every day.  Not only will this stave off nausea, it will also help with the constipation.

#5. Control smells.  Use a diffuser or oil burner to allow vanilla or peppermint aromatherapy to work their magic.  

#6. Pressure points.  These work really well if you feel like you're really going to throw up, and you can do them yourself.  The first is the point used by those sea-sickness bracelets (sea bands), but you don't need a bracelet.  Find your wrist, and measure three fingers down from it.  Press down on that spot, right between the two tendons. The other spot is on your foot, one thumb width below the bone that sticks out on the inside of the ankle.

#7. This remedy may be a bit controversial among some of my readers, lol.... but many women don't feel like being "close" to their partner when they are feeling nauseous.  If you can work past the initial feelings of tiredness and pukiness, getting intimate can release powerful endorphins into your body that will temporarily relieve morning sickness completely.  It also makes pregnancy seem a little bit less long. :)

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My wife swears by toast & water.