Free Date Idea - Go to the Old City Quarter


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Whenever we go downtown and want to go into a specialty shop, we often find this to be a dangerous undertaking with two curious children who look with their hands instead of their eyes.

So our free date this week was to go to the Old City and just walk around.  We popped into shops that we can't normally go into, starting with Kool & Child.  I figured out where to get more expansions for my Settlers of Catan, and those history board games I've been wanting, as well as a source for high-quality arts and craft supplies for the girls.  Not to mention an amazing quantity of Playmobile that we played with for most of the time.

Then we walked around by John's new job location (he's not going to be unjobbing anymore, but rather the store manager of an Apple retailer - his dream job, lol).  Across the street is an excellent used book shop, the kind of shop that I would own with the same selection of books.  Fantastic out of print and collectible stuff.  We sat in there and read until we realized we had to leave or it wouldn't be a free date anymore.

We also walked into Flying Fish, which had some very interesting things - giant buddha heads, bamboo furniture that was so beautiful and smooth, natural home products, cast iron cookware and other unique items.

So the date wasn't completely free - we walked into a cafe and I got a Snapple and a cookie, because I'm pregnant, lol.

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