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It's a nice reprieve this weekend that the stock market is closed.  The post the other day with the paste from predict-the-future man got a lot of comments on Digg, and I found references to it on the Homesteading Today forum.  The general consensus seems to be that people have known this stuff for a long time, or suspected it, a few are surprised, and an increasingly few think it's all a lot of paranoid bologna.  

Be that as it may, I prefer a nice balance in between.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and let the chips fall where they fall.  If you hang out on websites like Life After the Oil Crash, you can tend to fall into a wild-eyed panic mode, but at least it has a nice list of things to do if you are wondering if there might be an economic catastrophe.

I have a somewhat unique perspective on the situation that leaves me confused as to what to do at times.  I'm lucky enough to have already left the United States and now live in Canada and working towards citizenship (which people joke about doing all the time).  When I left the U.S., I left for my husband, but even 8 years ago I knew that my country was heading in a very wrong direction.  I had very little hope for the survival of Constitution or the principles of the Founding Fathers, and now I see that little foresight has unfortunately come true. One reason that I came to that conclusion is that once upon a time I was a goody-goody homeschooled teenager gladly going to register to vote - I knew the Constitution, I knew economics (thanks to fantastic books like Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and any other book by Richard Maybury).  I sadly discovered that we are trapped in a pitiful two-party system that I couldn't align myself with either and didn't like the candidates in the first place.

So now we are all wondering if some greater conspiracy is at work in the slow destruction of America in the name of capitalism and freedom, and what to do.  I live on an island in Canada close to the border... are poor Canadians going to have to lay down their lives to stop absorption into some North American union (which they would) and ultimately fail?  Do we run to the woods?  Do we trick out our Suburban into a nifty Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)?  Or do we stay home, build a garden, try to be self-sufficient in an urban backyard?  Should we try to set up a system of barter before cash becomes worthless?  How bad is it going to get?  Is the security of our continent going to be at risk, and I'm not talking about terrorism, I'm talking about neighbor against neighbor?

One thing I do know.  People who want to keep power illegally, who want power over people, do so through fear.  Preparation is not the same as fear.  Think of yourself as being in the calm before the storm.  Expect the storm to happen, prepare for it, and be clear-headed.   This is not a battle.  I think only Gandhi can help us now:

"Nobody can hurt me without my permission."


"No power on earth can subjugate you when you are armed with the sword of ahimsa. It ennobles both the victor and the vanquished."  (ahimsa means nonviolence)

Quiet preparation, independence from the social structures such as electricity and water and the media, and self-reliance are ways to peacefully empower yourself against the selfish desires of greedy men whose only tools are fear and control of what we need to survive - food, water, shelter.

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