Ridiculous Pregnant Brain


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When I am pregnant, I become more and more stupid.  Actually, it's kind of funny... it's as if my logical, practical side gets dumber, but my creative side gets smarter.  I can write and write and I never run out of ideas, but I cease to be able to take care of myself on a day to day basis, lol.  I forget everything.  Last night I decided to make hard boiled eggs so we could have some for breakfast, and I made six of them, leaving only two left in the carton.  The secret to hard boiled eggs that are easy to peel is to leave them in a rolling boil for five minutes, then turn off the burner and leave them covered for 20 minutes.  At exactly 20 you have to run them under cold water so that they become cold, and then eat or refrigerate.

So I put them on to boil, then covered them and let them sit.  Then I ran downstairs and we watched the rest of a movie.  And then I put the girls to bed, but they didn't want to sleep, they became more and more wired and I provided a watchful eye so that they didn't come out of the room and/or jump off the dresser.  I was getting really tired, and since John was in Vancouver I just iChatted with him for a couple of hours.  And then I didn't even bother to make the bed since I had just washed the sheets... I just spread the breadspread out and rolled myself up in it.

Then I had an amazing dream (another side effect of pregnancy) that I was in labor - only it was  a painless, dreamlike labor, in a beautiful birthing center.  My whole family was there, and then suddenly, I was delivering my own baby, but not from the point of view of the woman in labor, but just someone watching (which made complete sense to me in my sleep).  I gave birth easily to a giant beautiful baby boy who cried instantly and then smiled.  lol  Wishful thinking?

Directly after, I suddenly woke up, and since my first thought is always food, I said, "Oh crap.  I left the eggs out!"

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