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So unschooling has been rolling along pretty well, and instead of keeping a journal about it here, I have a notebook now that lists what we actually do but I thought I'd list it out here as a kind of monthly review.  School officially started in September and I've logged 22 days of 'schoolwork'.  Technically we should be at 24 days but it doesn't really matter.  Actually I thought I had done way worse than that, lol, but all that's really important is the outcome, not how you got there.

At the beginning of the year, Annie was just able to identify letter sounds.  Now she can pretty much read.  We have gotten most of her reading books at the library, and she's read Hop on Pop, Haley & Bix, Elmo B is for Books, Lazy Town! Pirates, a baby Peter Rabbit board book, Frog and Toad Together, Spongebob Say Please, and Lvl. 1 Curious George.  

Some of the science topics we've covered: the layers of the skin, pregnancy, difference between carnivores and omnivores, ocean volcanoes, dinosaurs, crocodiles, animal habitats, animal tracks, sound and hearing.  She created a couple of projects herself for these, including pretending that we were different types of animals, and she made a model of a crocodile swamp.

We've done lots of writing practice, she has a writing notebook that she practices letters and words and then draw a picture of what she read, and she also dictates stories and essays to me.  She's written a story about feelings, working together, volcanoes, and a creative story about a princess and a giant (in which the giant has the happy ending, lol).

Some art projects we've done: we made painted shapes out of paper and then made a collage with them, we learned to draw ellipses and what objects have them, practiced painting with acrylic paints, learned to draw portraits, did some wet on wet watercolor painting and chalk drawings.

The Math Wizardry book has been more than worth it.  She has drawn the front yard as basic geometric shapes, measured the angles of triangles, learned the types of triangles, studied the meanings of the ancient Rainbird and how different triangles symbolize different things, and turned rhombus' into triangles.

We've built with blocks, played educational computer games, listened to classical music, picked blackberries, went to a picnic, played with friends, went to the library a few times, and the more morning sickness I had, the more lazy we became.  It's funny though, the more I relax into unschooling the easier it gets and if I keep track of what we do, it's quite a lot.  I wish I could be a radical unschooler, but I get too worried about math and writing and all those basic things... and probably Annie needs me to be a bit more involved in helping her to find topics to study.  I have a feeling Autumn and the third one may be a bit more self-directed.

It's been a fun month. :)

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