Baby Sling Contests


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I just want to point out that you can win a really nice baby sling from Nonny & Boo, simply leave a link to your site on this blog post at Adventures in Babywearing, and you could win! 

You could also win an Ergo baby carrier at Northwest Mom Finds just by leaving a comment there.  Wow!

It's also International Babywearing Week!  I don't have many photos of me wearing my babies since I was often behind the camera, but here's me at the Vancouver Aquarium with Autumn.  This is a Snugli that could go on the back or on the front, facing in or out.  It was pretty good since my kids often didn't like the laying-down position of a regular sling.  My polar fleece sling is still my favorite though.  I have a goofy smile in this photo, like I just discovered that candy exists.  It is a very good aquarium, lol. (I also don't know who the person is behind me... whoever you are, sorry for posting your photo publicly :P)

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