Christmas Nix Pix Part 3: Chesterfield


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Speaking of furniture, one item people buy for themselves at Christmas is furniture. It's a real opportunity to buy reclaimed, recycled and vintage. We need a sofa, so I did some searching and I was really disappointed in what is available. In fact, any green sofas I did find were custom-made European ones that were way beyond what the average person should be paying for a couch. The best option is to recycle, and it's sometimes the cheapest. Here's my favorite recycled sofas from the internet.

First off, this is the cheapest, new sustainable couch I could find, as an example of what little is out there.  It is $4000 and is made of all sustainable materials and covered with organic wool. It's really the only company I found in North America.
This is a recycled Coffin Couch.  For $3500 you can rest in style.  Funeral homes can't legally sell slightly flawed coffins to the public, but this company recycles them into really funky couches.

This is a German set from 1900 for $3500... I like having a controversial piece of history to sit on. :)

Art deco sofa and two chairs for $5000... the sofa is $3000 and each chair is $1200 but it would be a shame to break them up.  I'm not sure that this is antique since it describes the leather as 'distressed' but it's still recycled.

1940's curly maple sofa for $875.  What a great price!

An awesome Chippendale-style set from the 1940's for $3450.  The frame is wood and the pillows are down-filled.

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