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Here's a 5 Things meme, simply because I practice writing every day and this is a way to de-stress at the end of the day.  I got it from The Parody.  I've changed it a bit, customized it just a tad.

What Kind of Bag I'm Toting: It's cotton, it's got leaves on it, and it's from Freecycle!

5 Things That are In It
Extra underwear for Autumn
Old mints

What Kind of Wallet Is in There: A gift from John, a nice leather Levi Strauss thing that I won't have to replace until I'm 80.  It's like a man wallet, but girlier because it's thicker.

5 Things That Are In It
Canadian permanent residence card
Costco card
Expired Fabricland membership card
Midwife business card
Totally free Canadian medical care card that has saved my life for free

5 Things In My Room
Stack of bedtime reading books
Pile of orphan socks waiting for their long-lost match
The oil painting I did that only my family sees
Open box for throwing in keepsakes like cards and letters and tickets to activities
Mineral makeup bag out of reach of girls who sneak around at night

5 Things I've Always Wanted to Do 
Swim with dolphins
Adopt a child (or two)
Travel to Europe, Brazil and other places
Learn to ride horses
Learn to play guitar

5 Things I'm Into Right Now
Watercolor painting
Discovering new easy hikes for a pregnant woman
Finding new blogs to read
Thinking of ways to decorate my home in sustainable ways

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That's a nice meme, kind of different from others.

What does a "meme" mean? I still have to google that one!

I see you have my blog on your sidebar. Thanks so much! I guess I have yours, too...