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About an hour ago someone left a comment on my Leftovers post that I wanted to address more fully.  I posted a reply very quickly in a kind of knee-jerk reaction to someone who made a Blogger user simply to post a criticism that was completely unfounded.  First of all, I understand the assumption that because I bought from Costco I must eat bad food.  And second, I appreciate the concern.  

But, I live in Canada, and Costco is a completely different place than it is in the States.  I know, because I've been to both.  First of all, Tyson chicken is pretty much the devil.  They recently said that because they inject chickens with antibiotics before they hatch, they are raised without antibiotics.  Come on, who are you fooling?  They are raised unethically and with hormones to boot.  

I need to eat meat because I'm pregnant and I find it impossible to be vegetarian when I'm pregnant.  I just crave too much protein.  But I can't always afford to buy locally grown organic chicken (although I do sometimes have a supply from family).  Fortunately, Canada is this wonderful place that has banned growth hormones in chicken, and if you buy high quality Lilydale chicken, they are grain fed and free range in a barn.  Yes, they use antibiotics (which many even small growers use) to prevent disease, but they are tested before slaughter to ensure that there are none in the chicken when they reach your table. On the whole, a much more responsible situation, and because it is available in bulk at Costco, much less packaging.  It's a compromise I can live with.

Our Costco here on the island also carries an organic alternative to almost every food product.  I get my organic soymilk, pasta, sauces, salad greens, oils, etc.  Even breads and other prepared foods.  On top of that, they even carry many products that have been grown locally, by farms here on the island and on the mainland.  Everything has a label on it about where it came from so you can make those choices yourself.

I take my food choices very seriously. I also have a very strict budget, several children, and little time.  I can't afford to buy everything locally and organic, which makes me sad.  But everything I buy has been grown responsibly, about 30-50% of it is organic, and much of it came from within 300 miles.  It has less packaging because it is in bulk, too. 

What I take issue with is that there are those who are so judgmental of people's food choices, that they actually alienate people to the point that they make things worse.  It is much more important that everyone make some changes to their diet, than for a few elite to be eating perfectly.  

And now, I have to get ready to go to Costco today. lol ;)

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Wow, that was a stunningly rude thing to say.

However you eat and whatever you eat, can we not all play nicely in the playground?

Thanks for a gracious reply.

Well, you've probably read enough on my HM blog to know how I feel about the right to choose, and not having to justify ourselves to anyone.

I was vegan for 6 years until I discovered my body needed high protein. I can't believe how some people freaked out on me.

I like this post because it tells me more about your choices, (although those shops mean nothing to me) but they are still yours to make, own and live with. If YOU are comfortable, that's what matters.

I also tend to chuckle at people who are so fundamentalist and rude. AND usually anonymous, lol.

Hi Nicole; I just figured out how to use your blog! Congratulations to you and John on expecting a new baby!

You are right about not all people can afford or are able to live the same when it comes to food or anything else. All anyone can do is their best in their own situation. " I did the best I could with what I knew and what I had. Then when I knew more and had more I did more." Have a nice day. Linda