Little Ways to Really Slow Down


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I was noticing today some of the little things that have happened in the last while that have made us slow down.  

First of all, we got rid of most of our clocks and watches.  We get our time on the computer or the cell phone, but we eat when we're hungry and we sleep when we're tired.  When we do have to wake up at a certain time, the cell phone has an alarm that takes care of it.  But without convenient access to a clock we've become much less concerned with a daily schedule.

There is reading material in the bathroom.  I've noticed that people in the family are taking a lot longer in the bathroom, and bringing books in there with them. This is a funny way to slow down, but it is much healthier to take your time in the bathroom, and it means the we're not in such a hurry.  It's almost like a mini-break, lol.

We plan errands for one day of the week.  Not only does this cut down on travel and gas, but we hardly spend any time on these tasks because it's just more efficient.  We also don't impulse shop.

My home isn't super, duper clean.  Ok, it's pretty clean.  Every day the girls and I meander around in the morning and do tasks, make the beds, clean up the clutter.  Our dishwasher is broken so I do dishes once a day, I do some laundry, whatever needs to be done.  The bathroom is done once a week.  It's interesting because we live with a bachelor who accepts a certain level of mess, and an extremely neat person who can't stand any, and balancing that dynamic between us all where it converges in the kitchen (especially the huge recycling pile).  But I think we find a good balance where I am not cleaning constantly and yet we have a clean home.

We spend more time in bed.  We read in bed, take our laptops into bed, sleep in more when we can, and talk in bed.  Maybe if we had a bigger sofa we would do that all there, but I think the family bed has become a central point in our home.  

Those are the few things that occurred to me today, and I'm sure there's more but that was off the top of my head. 

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I love this post! This is simple living (or, deliberate living) at its finest.

I love how you say you "meander around" in the morning doing the housework. That fits the way I do it, too. I don't consider housework much of a shore, just a pleasant "meandering" around the house tidying things up.

That was a lovely post. I would love to spend more of our time in bed, too. Perhaps we will!


oops, meant "chore" not "shore"