Nix Pix! Part 2 - Craft Kits


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I love craft kits! Whenever I want to learn something new, I find a nifty craft kit so I get the book and the materials all in one. Even better, they make great gifts.

Ultimate Embroidery Kit from Sublime Stitching.  For the person in your life who can't have enough embroidered tea towels.

When I found this, I had no idea what it was.  It's an Artist Trading Card kit, made by kitsandcaboodles.  Evidently, artists have been making small handmade, unique cards to trade with each other, and some of these are quite collectable.  This is a kit that helps you create your own artist trading cards.

I can barely even post this because I want it so bad... it's a huge button stash.  From BigFish, which sells craft supplies, it's just many jars of sorted buttons.  This may be an unusual gift, but even my dad, who plays video games and wears reading glasses, owns his own enormous jug of buttons for no reason at all.  People love buttons.

This is pretty much what it looks like - it's a Gnome Finger Puppet Kit from Indigo Inspirations. Gnomes are awesome and this kit is for people who have no fingers, just thumbs.

This is a drop spindle kit from Maine Woods Yarn.  Introduce someone to spinning in an inexpensive way.  They also offer colorful roving, but I thought the white looked pretty with the maple spindle.  For the person in your life who really needs to keep their hands busy.

Some of the projects above have been a little bit feminine, but here's one for the whole family to enjoy.  It's a straw bale house kit!  Comes with everything you need to design your future sustainable home, as provided by Arm of the Spiral

This is the one item that isn't made by an individual, but I couldn't resist.  This is a ship in a bottle kit by Amati, a high-quality model ship company.  Ever wonder how they do it?  This is for the inquisitive and patient person in your life.  The bottle stand, glue and paint aren't included, so keep that in mind.

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