THIS is NOT a Toy!


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One thing that struck me as I was going through European toys is that you will never find a German child playing with one of those crazy, noisy, beeping, cheap plastic monstrosities that we call toys.  German toys are quiet, simple, accurate copies of things from the world around us.  Children love to play that they are adults doing grown-up things... isn't that what play is all about?

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Yikes! That looks freakin' frightening!

I ca understand how something like that is fun for a child, totally. But I also know that while it stimulates the child's vision and motor skills, it numbs the child to the world around her.

Yes, it is frightening, lol.

My kid's were given a couple of intense toys when they were babies and they loved them but could only take so much. Boxes and old phones were the favorites.