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I had a conversation with Annie today about diapers.  When we lived in an apartment and didn't have our own washer/dryer, we used disposables with Autumn and as soon as she could walk we let her run naked at home.  All other babies that she has ever seen have used disposables as well.  But this time around, we'll have our own washer/dryer and I can finally use cloth, hallelujah.  

Annie: "Mom!  We need to buy some diapers for the baby!"

Me: "Well, sweetheart, this time we're using cloth diapers."

Annie: "What do you mean?"

Me: "Well, when you change the baby's diaper, you'll take the cloth out and if its poopy you swish it around in the toilet to clean off some, and then you put it in the laundry and wash it."

Annie: "You're joking."

Me: "I'm serious.  We clean the poop off and use it again."

Annie: "No you're not.  That's just not true."

Me: "When your uncle was born I did the same thing for him because he was my brother ... changed his diaper and cleaned it in the toilet and then washed it in the laundry."

Annie: "NO!"

lol, she was so shocked, like who would do that?  She'll be six when the baby is born, and old enough to remember, so at least I've done my job educating her on the right way to diaper despite my previous imperfections.  I'm still wondering about elimination communication too, and probably the girls will be able to help me.  I think explaining that to Annie would be even more shocking, lol.

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Okay, that's funny.

Annie is expressing the sentiment of many of us adults. lol

I've awarded you by the way. check here.

Thanks Mon! I've never been nominated for an award before, lol. I feel very honored. :)

I am going to try elimination communication from birth with my second. I think my first has embraced the idea more than most other people I know. They think I am bonkers.

How funny! I have a diapers question - since we have neither hot water nor dryers where I live, does that eliminate the cloth diaper possibility?

Nope it is possible to still use cloth diapers - many people still use cold water to wash the diapers, and dry them on lines inside our outdoors. I considered washing the diapers in the bathtub the old fashioned way, but I don't see being able to really get them clean that way without hot water. Maybe in a washing machine but probably not when washing by hand. I had babies very prone to rash and that certainly makes it worse.

We lived in a very tiny place and my husband drew the line about hanging wet clothes all over the house, since I couldn't have one outside.

Wow! I was worried the cold water wouldn't wash it enough, but then again, all our clothes come out nice and fresh. And we do have a washer, it's just cold-water-only, and I already have a line in our apartment since we don't have a yard. I'd probably just need to buy extra since they might take awhile to dry (in the winter sometimes it takes 3 or 4 days for shirts and stuff).

Thanks for the advice! I'm still loving this blog.