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We successfully completed the quest of the day and secured a home to rent.  We had three choices - 1940's character home, brand new university neighborhood house, and some kind of crazy bad side of town abode with strange junk strewn about the yard.

We obviously picked the 1940's House, which, unlike one of my favorite televisions series, 1900's House, has gas heat but still has some fun similarities and quirks.  First of all, none of the bedrooms have closets and we will have to get some neat antique wardrobes (oh dear, I have to collect more antiques? lol).  The downstairs bathroom has two taps, one for hot water and one for cold and if you want to have warm water, you have to fill the sink to wash your face.

The front door has a tiny metal door so you can open it and talk to someone before you open the door.  It's the kind of tiny door that makes you want to ask for the secret password before you let them in.

Even more importantly, the yard is huge and half of it has already been plowed up to be used as a garden.  It also has a cold storage for food, and none of the toxic off-gassing that was happening in the university house - the floors are beautiful wood.

Most importantly, it matches our toaster

Time to start planning the massive garden I'm going to have next year!

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Congrats! And I love the idea of that metal peep-door. Yes, choose a password. lol

You're going to love having that yard aren't you?

That sounds great. I love the 40s era things. I've also always loved the sinks with separate hot and cold water, but do find them hard to use because I don't really like to fill the bowl to wash.