A Bunch of Racists Criticize Me


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After posting so happily about the deletion of some words from a children's dictionary and simultaneously mildly shunning a website/group of people who believe that God favors white people, I found this little gem of a blog (called SpiritWaterBlood - I still refuse to link back to you!) that had this to say about me in return:

Here’s “a typical White person,” if I may quote the new emperor, who likes tribalism, agrarianism, and all the White cultural concepts found in the English language, but reacts negatively against “white supremacism,” whatever that may be. I think she means opposition to miscegenation, which was a crucial belief of all of our fathers and their excellent wives, who were the very same people who gave this woman all the things she holds dear. So the question is this: Who else on earth will conserve the “culture” that she cherishes if not the blood heirs of those who created it? Another way of putting it: If the White race disappears, who will ensure that White culture survives? It’s probably a good idea to make sure you have answers to these questions before spouting off about the “supremacy” of those who merely want to survive. And if you still can’t help yourself, do us a favor and give equal time to the supremacism of Jews, who also want to survive, and make sure of it in their laws. That’s all we ask. It’s funny how Judeochristians love to merge all things Jewish and Christian except when it comes time to level accusations; then, miraculously, Jews become blameless.

Now here's where a good Oxford dictionary comes in handy.  'Miscegenation' is the interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types.  Besides the incredible irony that I am the direct result of miscegenation, having been born of a Brazilian father, and a Scotch/English mother with Native American blood somewhere in our Arizona lineage... the whole thing is SO RACIST.  They spend so much time trying to convince themselves that they aren't racist or white supremacist, trying to justify themselves that being white is something special, that it comes out as a big racist verbal diarrhea.  

This person also claims that tribalism and agrarianism are white cultural concepts.  Being white isn't a culture, and white people didn't invent those concepts.  In fact, white people don't even live that way anymore and it is being preserved by people with darker skin.  I actually don't cherish whiteness or the culture of the past or the present at all.  I despise it.  I think we treated each other little better than toilet paper throughout history, and now we've graduated to treating each other like the morning paper.

If the white race disappears, then white culture was obviously flawed from a survival point of view, lol.

I think the whole thing is laughable, and I couldn't leave it alone right before Christmas.  I feel ashamed to be identified as Judeo-Christian... if that's how I come across, I am sorry.  I thought all the posts on Buddhism might improve that, but I guess not.  SpiritWaterBlood, you should be ashamed of yourself using the name of a man who embraced all people, so you can justify racism and hate.  

Besides all that, it is mindboggling to me that the levels of melanin in a person's skin would be used as a criteria for judgement.  I consider myself to be brown - just a different shade of it.  I think I need to go out and buy our family a nativity set with a black Jesus.  

And to spread my hippie love a little further, I would like to share this beautiful love song to humanity... :) Merry Christmas!

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Thanks, I was about to look up miscegenation myself. lol

Bunch of lunies. I love this mixed up world!

I adore the capitalised White. Personally, I go for Purple, but White is as good a colour as any I suppose. Although technically it's a non-colour, so I guess they're fighting for the supremacy of nons.


You've obviously never heard of Hilaire Belloc, a rather famous writer known for his tracts on economy, and 'distributivism' which meshed Catholic Social Teaching with respect for the Earth, LONG before liberals and other brain-dead 'granola types' were alive.

Well, he sums up the Biblical construct of "Kinism" thus: Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.

You can't have one without the other. and the other cannot exist apart from the one. This is called the "One and the Many" paradigm that suffuses Trinitarian Christianity. It's not 'white supremacist' to be Christian, just as it is merely being "Christian supremacist' to be Kinist. They believe in One God in Three persons, and Christ as Messiah. A definite 'no-brainer' if you are versed at all in Western culture and civilization... which clearly, you aren't.

-Fr. John
Priest (and Kinist)

Goodness, People get all worked up about things don't they. I enjoyed your post about the dictionary words removed. What a shame.
I guess I'd rather be a liberal 'granola type' of person.

I think it's weird that they talk about different races and religions as if they must struggle for existence. It's like they think we can't have different races and religions or intermarried races and religions or anything else that is different without lots of trouble.

Well I disagree. We can have as many races or religions or whatever else humanity can dream up to make groups of people "different" without having one at the expense of the other.