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This is from Pockets of the Future.  I love how enthusiastic the kids are, lol.

They also had this great video, which I will pass on as well. It's a little Chinese girl washing her shirt. This is a perfect example of Continuum Concept parenting - the mom says nothing to the little girl, who simply mimics her. But, the daughter also doesn't have to ask for soap, the mom just provides what is needed. This is what not being child-centered is all about. Some might say, "Look at the terrible poverty!" But as you can see from the video above, there is nothing wrong with washing your clothes by hand (although I am extremely grateful for my washing machine, lol).

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Thank you so much for mentioning us and posting our hand washing laundry videos. I love how enthusiastic the children are too! I am often very grateful to them for their energy and good cheer. We couldn't do what we do without them (and wouldn't be as motivated to do what we do either were it not for them and their futures about which we are so concerned).

I love your pointing out the continuum concept at work in the other video. I loved those books way back when my youngest were small. It takes a lot to keep peeling away layers to arrive at more natural approaches to everything in life - especially raising children.

Thank you for your work.


I love how methodical she is. She obviously has the mimicked behaviour perfected. You're right, pure CC.

Thanks for the compliments Leslie... I love your work on your website and blog. :)