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To whom it may concern,

I am an American citizen that immigrated legally to Canada three years ago after sponsorship by my husband. I plan to become a Canadian citizen as soon as possible because I no longer want to be affiliated with my former country. Why? Because of the many atrocious, illegal acts of war against other nations. Even though I didn't come here for political reasons, I love Canada and feel proud of our peaceful heritage.

The American military is not the same as the Canadian military. It takes advantage of young Americans, sends them off to wars to die for an unjust cause, and leaves them with little economic benefits. Recruiters lie to so many underprivileged young people just to meet recruitment quotas. Just because a soldier swears an oath to protect their country doesn't mean they should willingly become pawns for profiteering warmongers. Canada did not participate in the Iraq war, and I feel ashamed that we would send them away from sanctuary, just to be treated as criminals for the rest of their lives - simply because they stood up for what we as Canadians believe in.

Cliff Cornell is facing deportation and will face court martial. He will lose his rights and be treated as US military property because he fought for peace. STOP his deportation and allow him and all other Iraq war resisters to apply for permanent resident status. Allow them to be treated as refugees, with compassion and understanding that they stand for what we stand for. They took a big risk coming here and they are not trying to hide, they are trying to become legal Canadians. Don't punish them for this act of courage.

I am taking a position that is offensive to my own family and to my former country. I take it because it is the right thing to do.


Nicole Faires
Nanaimo, BC

This was sent to MP's, the immigration minister Jason Kenney, and various party leaders. If you are interested in supporting soldiers who are resisting the Iraq war, email these addresses.  It doesn't have to be a long email.  Just tell them to STOP deportation and allow these innocent people to apply for permanent resident status.

If you are in Canada, email your local MP as well. For more information check out the War Resisters Support Campaign.

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Thank you for supporting US war resisters in Canada! Thank you for writing this letter and for posting it here.

Good-bloody-on you Nic!