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So this Christmas we picked World Vision because we can simply add to our monthly checking account draw and don't need a credit card, but there are so many charities to give to, how do you pick?  In previous years we have done the Make a Wish foundation, the Red Cross, and given rocket stoves to African villages through Alternative Gifts Int., but these are pretty mainstream.  There are many other great innovative causes to put your money towards.

The first thing you should always do before donating is check out the income and donation percentages on Charity Navigator.  Another thing we really liked to do is take care of it all online, but we don't use credit cards so you have to find charities willing to deal with Paypal or checks.

Here are some great alternative organizations:

Hippo Water Roller - 1 in 6 people don't have running water, and many of these people walk 5 miles a day to get some.  This is women's work, and it causes severe complications for pregnant women, spinal damage, and often takes them across areas with land mines.  This is an amazing solution!

Alex's Lemonade Stand - Alex was a little girl who battled terminal cancer.  Before she died, she raised millions with her lemonade stands for cancer research.  This charity has all kinds of resources so that other kids can do the same thing.  They give grants directly to doctors and others for cancer research.

Play Pumps - They've invented a fun playground toy that pumps water from much-need wells in southern Africa.  The kids pump the water into a tank, which then delivers fresh water to the village.

First Book - Gives low-income children their first new book to inspire a love of reading.  Only $10 gives 4 new books.  When kids never get anything new, this can be really special - being the first to hear the binding creak. :)

Witness - These people make it easier to get images and videos from around the world that highlight human rights abuses, into mainstream media so that people can be aware of what is going on.  They provide technology, and then network with officials and executives to get the message out.

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