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I found two great little end of the year reviews, one on Holistic Mama and one at Two Frog Home and I want to combine them into one ginormous end of the year post, but I have to be quick because it's 10am and I'm supposed to have everything packed today... The way I'll combine these is to use Mon's subjects and add goals inspired by Kathie.  Yah!

Summary (3 sentence max)
It was another crazy year for us but I think that this next year will be the year of sublime tranquility.  Peace and harmony are the family goals, for ourselves and the world.  There's no rules on how we'll do this.

Play more games, more board games, more group video games.  This year was the year of free dates and Rock Band.  I think I just want more of that.  More family visits too.

Right now finding solutions for Annie is the most challenging.  This year let's hope the steps we are taking will get her some of the help she needs in dealing with her sensitivities and anger issues.

Being mindful of my own emotions and reactions to situations would benefit my parenting more.  We live in a world that demeans self-control and glorifies self-indulgence, and as much as I wish we could all be willy-nilly whatever we want, the truth is that this has caused debt, parenting problems, and ecological issues.  

An insight/thought
“What we do upon some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are; and what we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline.” - H.P. Liddon

Website/blog Find
I found so many this year... was a great find, and I use all the time now.  I also will be getting many of my seeds from Salt Spring Seeds, and my homebirth supplies from MamaGoddess.   

Words (quote/reading/book recommendation/1 sentence review!/anything word-related)
I highly recommend Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.  That was my big read of the year, and this year I would like to do more reading. Actually I want to download more audio books, which is what I actually did.  I get bored when I knit (I like to knit) so it's nice to listen to something while I do it.

Note to Self
Start a big garden
Get some more cookbooks and food preservation books
Preserve as much of the harvest without electricity
Make a bunch of herbal remedies from the garden
Make sourdough
Start teaching piano after baby is born
Build up food storage again
Finish my book I'm working on

Favourite Tip/Idea from web
Furoshiki was an awesome find, but I think some of the most valuable info I found was on Asperger's from Our Asperger's Teenage Boy.   It was eerie and invaluable to find parents dealing with a teenager extremely similar to our kindergartner and help us to make decisions in how to help her.

I love New Year's eve - it's a night of new beginnings, and I always love cleaning the house right before.  This time it really is a new beginning because I get to pack all of our worldly belongings and start the new year in a new home.  Happy New Year everyone!

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