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I know I said I would try to take a week off from this but it's really tough, lol.  First off, my favorite toy this year has got to be Sprig toys.  We got the dune buggy and these things are just ingenious.  It's made of recycled plastic and reclaimed sawdust and they smell really good - like wood.  They work like one of those small hand-generator flashlights - the child pushes it and it lights up and goes by itself, without batteries.  On top of that, it has a little guy that plugs into the car with a USB and says things, completely powered by the little child-powered dynamo.  You can get more people for them and they will say different things too.  I just giggle with delight, lol - sustainable and awesome.

Also, I was over at My Freezer is Full and I found a great list of goals for the New Year:

1. Plant something. 
2. Harvest something.
3. Preserve something.
4. Store something.
5. Manage reserves.
6. Cook something new.
7. Prep something.
8. Reduce waste.
9. Learn a new skill.
10. Work on community food security.
11. Regenerate what is lost.

The new house is going to provide so many great options... I want to get a freezer and utilize the cold storage in the basement, and we want to also get a cord of wood just in case the power goes out.  I want to make almost no waste, and I haven't quite decided what new skills to learn but now that I will have space for my own crafting/sewing table, the possibilities are endless. :)   Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for the link. I'm actually new to the Independence Days challenge. Lots of others are much better at it and have been at it longer than I. It comes from Sharon Astyk's site and the challenge to try to do something in each category every week. This time of year it is a challenge. Judy