What's Up WIth the Seafood?


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Woke up to puking this morning... I think it's just all seafood in general.  So this is not much of a post, but I want to discuss the increasing number of allergies in the world.  I think I've now developed a seafood allergy, to add to this list:

Perfumes/artificial fragrances
Artificial cinnamon flavoring
Grass hay 

When I am exposed to fragrances I get rashes and hives, when I smell them I sneeze and my eyes get itchy. When I have dairy I get a rash on my face and diarrhea and sometimes throw up.  When I have artificial cinnamon flavoring it makes the taste buds on my tongue swell up.  Chamomile is something that makes my throat feel more sore and swollen (fairly common if you are allergic to ragweed, which I am).  I discovered an allergy to grass hay when I had bunnies - little bit of that grass and I can hardly breathe and I can't see because my eyes start crying and swell up.

I read this article the other day about research being done on allergies because they are becoming increasingly common and many are becoming life-threatening.  Basically they have discovered that there is one part of China that was very sensitive to shellfish and peanuts - but less than 1% actually had an allergy.  Part of the theory is our culture's exposure to antibacterials and other chemicals has weakened the immune system, but that doesn't really give the whole story.  They don't really know why this happens, and it's now happening A LOT.  To ME.  lol

It's funny though, because I am a person who was breastfed for at least a year when I was a baby, we didn't really use an antibacterials in our home at all growing up, and I still don't.  So all of those preventative measures didn't really work for me.

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There's also the whole controversial vaccination thing lowering immune systems...

I think there are just so many toxins in the environment, that it is difficult to avoid them, though it is still a good idea to try to avoid as much as you can. I know too well about perfumes/artificial fragrances. They are so all-pervasive, especially the ones in laundry substances, that it is very difficult to get away from them. I wash my clothes with washing soda, and now also trying soap nuts, but going anywhere, or having visitors is always a real pain. The only way I can cut down on exposure is to have going-out clothes which are stored in the workshop, and separate visitor's chairs with cushions also stored in the workshop. Obsessive, perhaps, but necessary, even for my psychological well-being. Unfortunately this strict segregation also makes you more aware when you do get a nose full of yuck. Yesterday I picked up a parcel from a neighbor, didn't sit down, only stopped for about ten minutes, and my clothes were ruined, not to mention the bad night I had from the exposure. God knows what it does to people exposed to that stuff 24/7!

How are the soapnuts? I was thinking of trying that but I hear mixed reviews.

I also believe genetically engineered seeds are contributing to our allergies.

Looks like my reply about soap nuts got lost in the ether. Anyway, I only used them once so far, and they seem to work. Not sure how much you would get out of them, and they are expensive. They seem a bit on the mild side. I am planning on planting a number of Horse Chestnut trees, the leaves of which are rich in saponins, and have been used as soap also. Those trees grow fast and vigorous, and you will have leaves right from the start, unlike with fruit and nuts. They are also one of the first trees to come into leaf in the spring, a welcome bit of green after a long winter. You may end up with all green laundry (just guessing that the leaves might stain), but good for camouflage in the woods ;-)

Just a note to say that vomiting from seafood does not mean you're allergic to it. You might choose not to eat it anyway, but seafood allergies are generally accompanied by facial swelling, shortness of breath, hives and other skin symptoms. Vomiting usually means the seafood was spoiled.

L-girl, that could be... I've thought about it but it's happened three times in a row from multiple sources and types of seafood which makes me suspicious. It could just be pregnancy I guess too, but it's really unusual for me to have a single food I can't eat, when I'm not having morning sickness. Hmmm....

Ah well, several times from multiple sources points to something. I can well imagine you're not eager to try again! Bah.