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I was just reading How to Spend a Billion Dollars This Christmas, just for fun.  A couple of things stood out to me. First of all how does it cost $171,600 to feed a family of four all organic food for a year?  That's ridiculous.  We've calculated that if we doubled our food budget, we could eat all organic.  That's only $9,600 a year.    If we wanted to eat really well, maybe $12,000.  

The one very cool thing on the list was the Terra Wind Amphibious, which for only $800,000 you can have a luxury RV that is also a yacht.  Not super self-sufficient but probably the best bug-out vehicle you could get.

The whole article is ridiculous but their estimation of what it costs to eat pure food is WAY off.   AND we get ours delivered weekly, just like the billionaires.   

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Wow, that is ridiculous, and perpetuates the notion that organic food is out of most people's reach. We have a similar budget to yours and eat mostly organic.

I suppose if you have a personal chef cooking all your food, and you pay that guy really well, it might cost $172k.

Surely that price must include a personal chef at call. After all, those sort of people can't really be expected to know where the kitchen is.