Deliberately Napping but Still Getting Something Done


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I have a small love for Spongebob Squarepants, so we were watching some of the episodes on the computer and I fell asleep curled up next to the girls despite the obnoxious laughing of our small yellow sponge friend. For three hours! lol

I did manage to get some things done. I polished up our beloved toaster. Then we took care of some other things:

1. Kitchen compost bucket - check!

2. Recycling bin in the closet - check!

3. Glass jar and bottle storage for future use - check!

4. Making sure the only stuff that goes in the trash is weird plastic packaging - check!

5. Covering our windows with plastic sheeting to save heat - check!

What I really wish I could do is to have absolutely no trash, but I can't figure out what to do with that packaging. I looked up fusing plastic but I don't want to be exposed to any fumes, and it's not plastic bags since we use cloth so I can't crochet anything. My other idea was to make something useful like insulation but it's hardly something that is not going to eventually get thrown out. Hmm... the wheels are turning.

We are completely exhausted which is why I'm not posting as much. I'm going to go have some tea. It's 11pm and now with my 3 hour nap my body thinks its tea time.

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I cut the bags (and various other thin plastics) into strips and use it as "yarn" to crochet bags. Very thin plastic makes good, re-usable, produce bags. Medium-thin plastics are great for making grocery bags and purses and beach bags. Heavy plastics can be cut in slimmer strips and used for bags, re-webbing outdoor chairs, rugs...the list goes on and on.

Anyway, here's a link that has lots of different projects:

You will have a bit of waste from some bags, depending on their construction, but these (and other) projects can seriously reduce what goes into your trash.

They make great gifts :-)