Doing Nothing Right


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In the middle of my three hour nap the other day I managed to catch this (it's from Spongebob, the episode Stanley S. Squarepants). Spongebob's cousin Stanley destroys everything he touches and needs to find some purposeful employment, so Sponge takes him to see Patrick who is a starfish and does nothing all day.

Patrick: Looking for your call, huh? (examines Stanley) What are you good at?

Stanley: Nothing.

Patrick: Nothing at all?

Stanley: Yep.

Patrick: Interesting. Let's see how good you are. Nothing.

SpongeBob: That's perfect! You can do nothing better than anybody! All because you're the master!

Patrick: Come with me. First, sit down on this chair. Hear it. Empty your whole thoughts. Clear your mind. Nothing.

Stanley: I must clear my mind. Nothing. (Stanley is nervous. he hears Patrick's clock ticking and sees Patrick making a weird face) Nothing. No!

Patrick: So you're not following my instruction to be immobile, huh? Leave, my brethren.

Stanley: Can I try?

Patrick: Leave!

Stanley: I can do nothing right.

In the end he embraces his destructiveness and gets a job with Mr. Krabs to blow up the competing burger joint.

One of my hangups that I have, that is also part of our society is that we don't value nothing. We don't value having nothing, doing nothing, or being nothing. We think a rock is just a rock until we put it to good use and shape it into something else. We think our children are potential people, when in reality they don't have to do anything to be people - they already are. We think we have to do something to be valuable.

I am continuously fascinated by opposites that are dependent on each other. Police need criminals, missionaries need heathens, governments need people. What would happen if people did nothing? If everyone stopped what they are doing simultaneously, grew a little garden, started using the stuff up that we've already made and enjoyed the art of relaxation? What health problems would disappear?

I know that will never happen, but it makes you value nothing a little bit more.

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I absolutely adore those moments when I allow myself to do nothing. To just BE. Those are some of the most profound moments in life.

YAY to nothing.

It's all about filling the void isn't it? Because of this weird life we've created.