Fill in the Blank (Another Meme)


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Fill in the blank:

I could live forever without seeing another ____________ again (insert your most hated ecologically destructive item that you hope will disappear after Peak Oil); BUT you'll have to pry my ______________ from my cold, dead hands (insert your favorite ecologically questionable item that you hope will still be around).

My answers:
1. gas-powered yard equipment of any kind (especially leaf blowers), microwaves, bottled water
2. exotic fruit, tea, but mostly THE INTERNET

Actually if peak oil does happen in the most catastrophic way people imagine, I don't think the internet would go down. People always find a way to connect and I'm just old enough to remember when the internet was a collection of computers that called each other over the telephone. I think we could keep that going, lol.

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Hello, just discovered your blog courtesy of Mon from Holistic Mamma. Nice work! I'll be popping in again now. Love the Meme's.