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I recently started using Island Essentials natural shampoo which I got through Spud, and I'll just paste their description: "Gently scented with lavender and orange essential oils, and no plastic bottle to recycle! Island Essentials natural soaps are cold processed the old fashioned way and contain all natural ingredients.
Ingredients: Naturally saponified coconut, canola, olive, and organic hemp seed oils, pure essential oils, sweet almond oil, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, vegetable glycerin, and spring water."

By the way, I never get compensated for reviews like this - they never know, lol. But hey, if you have a product you want me to review, I'd do it.

I had used baking soda for a bit, but it made my hair like dried up oily sticks, if that makes sense. My scalp is very sensitive and my hair is very, very thick and it just did not work no matter how I adjusted the baking soda vs. the apple cider vinegar. So I had gone back to using Head and Shoulders which sounds funny since I don't really have a dandruff problem, but I am allergic to shampoo and the zinc in it helped me not feel so irritated. The bar shampoo was also a good price, $4.90 for two in a pack. I didn't really expect them to last a long while but I've been keeping it in a dry spot and if you keep it out of running water it will last quite a while, one bar lasts my whole family so far at least a month.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how much it lathers. I really like a good amount of foam when I shampoo and it foamed all over the place. My hair is sort of long and like I said, it is thick and I tend to have to re-lather my hands a few times, whereas my husband only once to do his hair. It has a very light scent that is not very noticeable.

My hair is going through a mild transition and it got oily but not like it did with the baking soda - my hair feels really, really clean and it made the girl's hair very shiny. As soon as I wash it my scalp feels very soothed.

The really big reason I chose the bar soap is because it's not in a bottle! Hallelujah! It's about time I found something like this. And because of Spud, it's delivered right to my door. :)

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I'm jealous! :( Spud isn't available in my area, and I've been coveting its service for a long time. I'm seriously considering moving (unfortunately my opinion doesn't persuade my husband!)