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Had a tough moving day in the unusual cold yesterday, and we didn't quite finish... almost, but not quite.  Right when it was getting to be a real drag 8 hours later, John and his dad slid on a slippery turn and smashed into a snowbank, which was fine until somebody who was following too close smashed into the back of them.  So John has whiplash.

In the meantime I overdid it and had some spotting at 22 weeks which isn't good but all is ok.  I didn't lift anything, as the midwife said it's just a reminder to slow down and rest - I guess even just walking up and down stairs and unpacking is too much.

Plus there is no food in the house.  The ultimate pregnancy emergency, lol.

But I woke up this morning to a beautiful pink sunrise over the harbor streaming in through my window and I finally felt home. All the stress was worth it.  When I finally find a camera in this mess I'll have to take a picture of it. 

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Glad to hear all are basically well. Take care of yourselves. Get the basic kitchen and bath stuff unpacked and enough clothes and you can live. It may not be pretty and may drive you crazy, but no one ever died having things in boxes.
Good luck and take it easy!