5 Undeniable Truths I Never Wanted to Face


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It's been chaotic and wonderful at the same time, and I have been up and around the house and starting to work into a routine. And because it's spring and I'm starting basically a new chapter in my life with three children instead of two, and beginning school in July, my brain begins to work on a mental inventory. This happens every spring, or every time something changes. I reevaluate everything I know, and make changes. Unlike some people who avoid change no matter what, I like to embrace it. Change is good... change is healthy. Then I take notes, and face the reality of what my puny brain has been able to absorb from the life lessons of the the past little bit.

1. The way you do your hair completely changes your face. Maybe this seems to be a trivial thing, and it probably is which is why I start with this. How you do your hair changes everything about your face and how you see yourself in the mirror in the morning changes your outlook on life, which in turn dictates how people treat you. I never wanted to face the fact that how you look has anything to do with anything, but it does.

2. I will never have the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Unfortunately for us all, humans might possibly get close to the ultimate answers to all of life's questions, but we wouldn't know it. One individual might get it completely right, but he would not be believed by the rest. It's almost as if our ignorance is created on purpose, lol, and I'm beginning to be ok with that. In fact I'm pretty sure that faith is the kind of ignorance that makes you hope you've got it right.

3. We all have to do what our society tells us to (ok, I am generalizing here). The way we are programmed as humans says that once we are born into a society and learn the way it works as children, its really hard to do anything else. I used to really hate the thought that I had to meet the status quo, follow society's norms, wear shoes and get jobs. It seemed stupid (and it still does, lol). Very few can break out of this standard, and more power to them. But I appreciate what I can do because of this society - I can travel, I have equality, I have choices and I have a washing machine. I like my washing machine. And now that's built into me, because that's where I was born.

4. Kids are smarter than us. I don't think this even needs explanation. Babies especially.

5. Chaos is good. My goal this year is to let go of my perfectionism and my need for order. I have always hated uncertainty. I am good at embracing change, but I hate the feeling of limbo and I would rather make a decision rather than wait around. I am impatient in uncertainty. This year I embrace uncertainty too.

NOTE: The picture above is one of my great-grandmother's relatives, Emma. I've always wondered what she was doing. :)

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I just happened upon your blog tonight and am thoroughly enjoying it!
My husband had to work late, kids are in bed, and thanks to you I have some fascinating and informative reading!
Thank you for a great blog!
~Christy @ SouthernPlate

Ok, random, because you were probably just idly wondering about Emma and the tambourine, but you could email the photo to the Photo Detective, Maureen Taylor. I like her blog, and I always learn fascinating bits of history. She might have some idea why a photo studio would have that kind of setup. Intriguing! I really like the moon-bedecked dress, too — nice touch.

I randomly ended up on your blog via Celestine Prophecy and then The Shack, and I'm quite glad I did. :)
Lots of interesting things going on here! LOVE the pic of your relative with the tambourine... I get so many connections coming up with this - is that a tree to the left of her? When was this taken?
Roll on,


PS- I do not mean to sound rude, but also considering that some of the symbols on the dress remind me of those in alchemy... feels like maybe this is where that "kitchen witch" kinship comes from? ;)

Thanks for all the compliments! I believe is was taken around 1914 but I need to check again. It's surprising to me that she would choose this look, because I think she must be in a photographer's studio and the tree is on some kind of backdrop.