Bigger and Crazier


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Remember how tiny the garden looked a month ago? Now it's huge! The spinach and lettuce are done and are being replanted, the peas and beans need to be picked daily, and the tomatoes and carrots and broccoli are swelling. What a satisfying feeling.

We will soon have the RV, but now there are even bigger plans in the works. For those of you who have been waiting for us to finally do something crazy, this is finally it. Prepare for photo documentation soon!

EDIT: Out of curiosity I did my Deliberate Life Footprint Calculator for after we do our big plan and it goes from 90 to a whopping 255! I am excited. :)

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Oh, nice garden. I love this time of year when everyone who gardens is really reaping the benefit of all that tending and watching over tiny seedlings.. your raised beds look lush and abundant. Haven't been here is a long while, just curious what you're up to. I am really interested in this journey you're taking to the wilderness and would like to follow along. I think you live close to me, no? And I think you used to visit my blog? Anyway, good luck and take care on your adventures!

Hey Krista! Yes I did read your blog and with my huge list of reading I forgot! Thanks for reminding me. :) Yes it's going to be an adventure, lol. We do live close to each other, although having the baby and then going car free makes 'close' a relative term.