Phase 1: The RV


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The RV is now finally parked in front of our house. This monstrosity took quite a bit of effort to get here. I had to walk down to ICBC and get the temporary insurance (which can be quite a hike while wearing a baby and pushing two kids in a stroller with a combined weight of about 80 pounds + stroller). Then John went and bought a compressor, jumper cables and a ladder and him and his dad went off to see if it would start. Surprisingly, it did! Very easily. But all the tires were flat so it took a while to pump them up with the compressor enough to get to a gas station and fill them up properly. John drove it back and it chugged along swimmingly with a pop now and then. I am quite satisfied with our purchase.

I took an inventory today of the insides and we balanced out what the things in it are worth vs. the RV as a whole. Although they aren't much to look at (see the propane stove below), they really are worth more if we yank them out for the next step of our adventure. At a minimum, we will be able to pull out:
The awning
Propane stove
Propane fridge
A small bathtub
A bathroom and kitchen sink
Wood doors for cabinets
and possible two benches with seatbelts

There may be more if we decide that the heater and AC are worth it and can be powered with solar. Isn't that exciting?

We also solved our mobile internet problems by getting two iPhones. I now can have internet anywhere, and I can tether it to my laptop to provide internet relatively cheaply via satellite to my computer. It's also what I'm taking all the photos with. :)

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Very, very smart. : ) And inspiring!

how exciting! can't wait to see all the conversions!


Hey, very cool! We are just closing on a 30 foot rv that we shall be living in until further notice (Me, The Man, preschooler, toddler, and two kitties). We've been wondering what to do about the internet (and library books, since we are gluttinous with them). I can't wait to see how it unfolds for you and makes me feel less... unusual :D

You make me feel less unusual too Vegbee! Sorry I didn't comment sooner, my little Autumn was really sick and ended up in the hospital over night. I will be watching your blog too. :)