Keish burgers and pain management


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I apologize for my slightly off-topic post the other day. It got me to thinking about how people deal with pain. When you go to the hospital, one of the number one responsibilities of traditional health care is what they call 'pain management'. There is a scale of 1-10 to help you describe your pain, and it is the first thing they will ask you, and pain meds are the first thing you'll receive, usually.

The reason for this is that traditional medicine (it is funny to me we call it 'traditional' and 'alternative' when really according to tradition the alternative methods are much older), is based on symptoms. Treat the symptoms first, diagnose last. This doesn't make any sense to me because once you've gotten rid of the symptoms, how do you diagnose accurately?

Anyway I'm not against traditional medicine at all. But I do think there are many great things to learn from alternative medicine. For example, it seems very clear that men and women feel pain differently, and handle it differently. Men never have an event in their lives that should cause them pain unless they are sick or injured, but women do. Women have planned episodes of pain that they have to deal with, whether from their monthly cycle or from childbirth. It makes sense then that women should be built to handle pain differently.

Women shouldn't be afraid of pain, because we are built to handle it. In fact, the more you fear it, the more pain you feel. The more relaxed you are, the less pain you feel and the more efficiently your body works. The reality of it is that it is all in your head, which is the same as anything else. Sure labour hurts so bad... but how you react is entirely up to you.

Also I lied the other day. We don't always eat scrambled egg burritos. I made keish burgers! Everyone was thinking, 'Oh come on mom, what crazy thing is this???' But they tasted amazing. I have all this frozen spinach from our garden so I made scrambled eggs with a bit of rice milk and chopped spinach. It was about 50/50 eggs/spinach. I toasted hamburger buns and spread them with butter, and then mixed the eggs with a little mayo. Then I piled it on the buns and served it with fruit on the side. It tasted like keish on a bun, lol.

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