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We've become the most boring healthy food people ever. Here's what we eat, almost every day.

Oatmeal with brown sugar and rice milk (sometimes we have toast but that's more of a Dad thing)

Scrambled egg burritos with salsa, or peanut butter and jam on bread, with a side of fresh veggies like cucumber, carrots, or sweet peas

Apples, kiwi or bananas for snacks

Our dinner options:
Salmon baked with olive oil and lemon juice and sometimes basil, served with rice and peas or spinach
Veggie burgers on buns with tomato and onion and pickles
Vegetarian pasta with homemade sauce and broccoli
Fruit and peanut butter and jam on tortillas
Wraps with chicken and mayo and a vegetable

That's it! Often we eat leftovers too. But this is the cheapest and healthiest menu I can make. Sometimes we buy a couple of snacks... chips usually and rarely pop or a box of juice. About 50 percent is organic, and we don't buy any meat product that's not free range. There's still plenty of room for more organic but with prices so high it's not doable. Eating this way makes it possible for us to do half.

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