A Few Who Remain Rat-Race Free


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I am a Redditor, which is where I get my online news and conversation, and there is a category called IAMA, which means 'I am a....'insert interesting thing here'... ask me anything'. In the midst of offensive and boring, there are often unique gems of insight into other lives, like this one:

IAMA guy who dropped out from the rat race. Didn't have a job in about 5 years, and yet I keep a middle class facade. I am 90% self sufficient food-wise and energy-wise. Ask me anything.

My internet is incredibly glitchy today as our cable node is overtaxed, evidently. It means we get free internet that barely works. This post will be short because of it. The guy above reminds me very much of the Dervais family of Path to Freedom (Little Homestead in the City on the left - I would link it but then I would have to load the page and that would take forever).

As much as I complain about the Internet... it seems a bit ironic. 10 years ago I would have cried to have the internet speed I enjoy on a good day, lol. Not to mention how much MORE there is to see. Another wonderful person who is also free of the rat race is Linda Rose, and you can even ask her questions. It's hard to tell at first glance from her blog but she lives almost completely self-sufficiently in Nova Scotia and farms with horses.

Here's to not... being... a rat??

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