Steampunk Bus - Measurements - (01/12/10 - 004)


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So next week we will be paying the import fees and we also ordered the recall parts from Blue Bird. These parts have to be replaced and then Blue Bird will give us a letter that we can take to the import inspection place saying that all the recall work has been done on it. There is also a sudden battery problem. This never happened before, but when we leave it for a day the battery dies so with the help of John's dad we disconnected the battery to see if it will hold the charge. If so, there must be a draw somewhere that we'll have to figure out. The gauges on the bus still don't work so Rob at Kirkman Bus Sales in Vancouver was nice enough to send us the wiring diagram for it. Awesome!

We also had Cameron from Seabird Welding to talk to us about removing bus windows and putting in RV windows. This meant that we had to quickly do a final floor plan which I will have to post later. We opted for a slightly unconventional floor plan. Most buses and RV's have the entryway into a living room area which goes through the kitchen to a master bedroom. It is very rare to have another bunk room for lots of kids... and we have to have three bunks plus kid storage. So what we have done is designed the entry to go through the kitchen/dining area and then into a family room. I'll post that later, possibly after my dad has a look at it. He is an architectural designer who will do some elevations for us (

Putting RV windows in makes the bus look a little more legitimate, and also gives us double-paned glass which is super important in Canada. John is continuing to take out the heating ducts and the seats and so progress is slow at this juncture, but in the next month there should be some huge changes to it all.

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