A Nomad Family Struggles With Choices


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This is a 10 minute video about a young Mongolian couple trying to preserve their traditional nomadic way of life raising yaks for butter and milk. I thought it was interesting that they started out butchering their own meat but they felt too guilty about it and now they sell butter and buy the meat in town. They have a young baby girl and they want to have more kids but the wife is sick and pregnancy is dangerous for her. It's hard to tell from such a short video, but she says that it is much more difficult for women in such a lifestyle because they do more work, and she looks at her daughter and she hopes for a better life for her, with education. She also feels sad she can't hold her baby more because she's working so much.

They are a cute family and I admire that they are not doing this out of necessity, but rather for the sheer preservation of it. But you can see things changing anyway.

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